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How do you treat clogged hair follicles on the scalp?

How do you treat clogged hair follicles on the scalp?

How do you treat clogged hair follicles on the scalp?

More and more people are turning to hair loss treatments to halt or even reverse their balding process. However, many of these treatments can have harsh side effects. This blog post will explore how you can treat clogged hair follicles on your scalp without resorting to such therapies. From natural methods to over-the-counter remedies, we will walk you through various options that may be right for you.

What are the causes of clogged hair follicles?

There are many shampoo for clogged hair follicles, but the most common culprit is an overproduction of sebum. Sebum is a natural oil that our skin produces to keep us moisturized and protect against infection. However, when our sebum production becomes out of balance, it can make excess oils that build up in our hair follicles and block them from functioning properly. Other factors contributing to clogged hair follicles include poor scalp hygiene, genetics, and environmental stressors such as pollution or heat styling. To treat clogged hair follicles on the scalp, you’ll need to identify the root cause and work to address it head-on. Some common techniques include:

1. Scalp massage: A good scalp massage can help dislodge trapped oils and debris and promote circulation throughout the hair follicle.

2. Shampooing with a clarifying agent: A Clarisonic or other type of clarifying shampoo will help remove buildup from the scalp while cleansing your hair at the same time.

3. Conditioning treatments: A conditioner specifically designed for oily scalps can help reduce oiliness and slippage, improving scalp health overall.

4. Exfoliating treatments: An exfoliant such as Bepanthen Daily Cleanser can chemically slough away dead skin cells and debris that may be blocking hair growth down in the follicle.

How to clear a clogged hair follicle

There are several ways to clear a clogged hair follicle on the scalp. One is to use a comedone extractor, which removes the blockage from the inside. You can also try using a salicylic acid shampoo, which helps dissolve the blockage and unclog the hair follicle. If all else fails, you can have a dermatologist remove the hair follicle with a scalpel.

How to prevent future clogs from happening

There are a few things that you can do to prevent future clogs from happening. One of the most important things is to maintain your scalp hygiene regularly. This means washing your hair regularly and using quality shampoo with anti-dandruff agents. You should also avoid rubbing your scalp too hard, using harsh chemicals on your hair, and wearing heavy products. Another way to prevent clogs from happening is to use a hair dryer with caution. Make sure you only use the lowest heat setting and avoid using the blow dryer on hot spots or areas with lots of oil glands. Finally, ensure you get regular checkups with your doctor to monitor any changes in your scalp.


If you’re struggling with clogged hair follicles on your scalp, there are a few things you can do to try and clear them up. Some people swear by apple cider vinegar (ACV), while others recommend castor oil. Try using a shampoo formulated for dry scalps or a hair mask made from avocados, honey, and lemon juice. Whichever route you take, follow the instructions carefully and consult with a doctor if the problem persists after trying out these treatments.

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